environmental consulting

let us run after the regulator for you

Sutok Environmental Engineering company practices consulting, planning and management of environmental projects.

The company is leading the Circular Economy revolution in Israel’s industry.


The company covers all the environmental permits necessary for the plant as well as technological solutions and providers in order to minimize costs for the customer in the areas of wastewater, solid waste, water and energy.

ייעוץ סביבתי

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

By using the most advanced technologies we can treat the waste efficently and cheap.

ייצוא פסולת

Waste Export

Finding the best treatment prices for you , locally or overseas.


Circular Economy

By small operational and process adjustments we can save big amounts of money.

The meaning of the name Sutok is from Slovak – the point of meeting of the two rivers.  Sutok Environmental Engineering is working together with her partners and clients to make challenges to opportunities and to create together effective, economic, environmental and social solutions.



Our Clients And Partners:

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Emission permit

I was glad I turned to your company, it turns out that we received help and cooperation above and beyond expectations and that you were in a good position at times. We plan to continue to use your services soon. Maor Thank you.

S.H ELhalad


Environmental regulatory approvals

Sutok company stands the schedules for submitting the projects, we received a service and support all the way. Sutok has lived up to our expectations!

Eisenberg Brothers Ltd.

toxin permit

Please, please, please, stay as you are.  You are amazing! Maor and Noga are a role model and an example to all the professionals who provide service in this field and in general. Eisenberg Brothers had to issue a toxin permit, after replacing all the staff members who dealt with this issue, and after much deliberation, we decided to go to an outside party who would handle the permit application for us. Despite the changes that happened in the process, Maor and Noga were given great flexibility, professionalism, and updated us at every stage. As mentioned, with almost no effort on our part, we saved hours of work and put the requested permit done on our desk. No words!