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Exporting Hazardous Waste Project

During this project, we encountered several unexpected difficulties. However, despite these challenges, the shipment was dispatched as planned and arrived at its destination on time.

The project began with waste characterization and the search for a suitable supplier who could provide a more economical and environmental solution than the current one. In the second stage, the export process was designed and licensing was obtained from the relevant authorities. The third stage included the supervision of the packaging, containerization, transportation, and coordination among various stakeholders.

Thanks to this export project, the customer saved approximately ₪22,000 per one ton of waste. 

Such a project is highly complex and involves multiple aspects. On one hand, there is the logistical aspect, which requires close collaboration among various professionals such as waste experts, customs agents in both the origin and destination countries, logistics and shipping companies. On the other hand, there is a regulatory aspect that requires compliance with strict requirements in both countries of origin and destination. When dealing with hazardous materials, the complexity increases even further.

Sutok has extensive experience in exporting hazardous waste abroad and provides solutions for a variety of waste types for different clients. We at Sutok know how to find the most cost-effective supplier for each client. In addition, Sutok has extensive experience in facilitating requests for waste exports with regulators and works with major companies in Israel. Simultaneously, we collaborate with various waste treatment facilities abroad to find the most minimal and cost-effective treatment options for our clients, providing close support throughout the entire process.

The range of alternative treatments includes encapsulation, physicochemical treatment, thermal treatment, tax exemptions, recycling base oils from used oils, energy recovery through incineration, and more.

For more information on exporting hazardous waste, click here.

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