Industrial Wastewater Treatment


Industrial wastewater is wastewater that is a byproduct from the manufacturing process of a particular factory or workshop.
Industrial wastewater has far more and varied risk characteristics than household wastewater and in some cases are defined as hazardous materials.
Hazardous materials are characterized by their various risk characteristics described in detail in the " Orange Book" and are divided according to nine main categories, some of which are subcategories.

  1. Explosives

  2. Gas

  3. Flammable liquids

  4. Flammable solids

  5. Oxidatives

  6. Toxic and Bio-hazardous substances

  7. Radioactive Materials

  8. Corrosive Materials

  9. Miscellaneous Materials


The risk characteristics of hazardous materials give us an idea of how to act and what to do ןin order to prevent hazards to humans and the environment.These characteristics are determined after several analyses of data resulting from parameters such as concentrations of heavy metals, oils and fats, pH value, volatile substances (VOC's), micro-pollutants such as hormones and medicines, and more. What are the problems with pollutants like this?


  1.     Groundwater contamination (salts and heavy metals)

  2.     Impact on soil structure and drainage(oils and fats)

  3.     Destruction of wastewater pipes (e.g. by corrosive material)

  4.     micro-pollutants such as pharmaceutical residues and hormones which find their way back to our drinking water.


Today all over the world, the awareness about the importance of wastewater treatment is rising. There is a growing range of industrial wastewater treatment sites and technologies while the regulation is becoming more and more strict. In recent years there has been a big leap in bureaucratic requirements which makes it very difficult for factories (especially the smaller ones) to meet the demands of water corporations, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the various superior authorities. In many cases, the factory is not familiar with its environmental requirements such as a toxic permit, emissions permit, executive approvals, integrative approval, etc. These days the "patience" the Ministry of Environmental Protection has had regarding environmental violations is getting shorter and we are hearing more and more about factories paying hundreds of thousands to millions of shekels for their violations.


The situation is currently changing frequently, publishing new laws about what is allowed and not allowed. Despite the changes, one thing is clear – the responsibility is always on the waste manufacturer. The manufacturer must ensure that he has found the best solution for handling waste and if he has chosen to send it to a treatment site, he is obligated to ensure that it has arrived and has indeed been treated by obtaining and saving all approvals.


Nowadays, we see in Israel the first signs of adaptation to  the european regulations to treatment plants, such as the distinction between factories that send their wastewater to evaporation pools, wastewater treatment plants and others which reuse their water as zero liquid discharge (ZLD).


In summary, industrial wastewater has many different risk characteristics that require different treatment methods and handling than household wastewater. Industrial wastewater can cause severe damage to the underground water, humans and the environment.


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