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Establishment of a sewage treatment facility - a military camp

The establishment of a wastewater treatment facility in a military camp, located at the heart of the country, was successfully completed despite the difficulties of the corona pandemic!
We were asked to set up an instrumentation and control system for wastewater that includes sensors and various systems aimed at treating complex and non-standard wastewater.

The client contacted us after we won the tender. During the establishment of the complex, we made upgrades with the approval of the head supervision of the project. We set up a control and automation system for all the sewage treatment facility with the corporation of an expert electrical engineer in the field. After installation we performed a successful trial run to test the system.

The wastewater treatment facility includes dosing and control of chemicals, separation of oils and fats, pH correction and disinfection. At the end of the treatment, the wastewater is diverted by overflow to the municipal sewage system.

Due to the uniqueness of the oils, it was not possible to reuse the oils according to the principles of a circular economy, but the goal was to comply with the requirements of the law (the water and wastewater corporations) and to prevent damage to the sewage pipelines by clogging due to oils. The purpose of correcting PH and chlorination is to prevent corrosion in piping and pathogens due to the oils.

The corona epidemic was a significant challenge during the project and caused many delays in the working hours which also affected other factors. Finally we managed to reach the desired result and got the system up and running.

During the establishment of the wastewater treatment facility Sutok environmental engineering Sutok environmental engineering refines all the essential parameters, such as the cost of construction, operation and maintenance, while complying with the standards in accordance with the regulation.

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