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Waste Export

To date, The Sutok Company has issued waste export permits for more than 2500 tons of hazardous waste.
From our experience, by exporting organic waste, the total cost of treatment can be reduced by more than 720 Euro per ton compared to treatment in Israel.

The price differences can sometimes become even more dramatic that is if the treatment facilities abroad is willing to pay the customer for certain waste with a high caloric value, as happened in the past.

By exporting waste, Sutok saved its customers hundreds of thousands of shekels each year.

The regulation in the field of waste requires an in-depth knowledge of the field.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection's waste export policy makes it difficult to export certain waste. In most cases, the treatment includes energy recovery by burning the waste, but there are other treatments such as physicochemical treatment, thermal treatment, recovery of solvents, recycling of oils into base oils, and more.

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