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Separation Distances Survey
Storage Site in Haifa Bay Area

In this project we were asked to conduct a separation distances survey for a storage site that was interested in getting a poison permit.

The separation distances survey was conducted for a scenario where empty ISO tank containers are stored. Empty ISO tank containers are considered hazardous even while empty, because in practice they still contain residues of the last material stored in them. Only after washing of the ISO tank containers in an authorized site, they will be considered not hazardous.

Various different materials and scenarios were considered. Most of the materials examined were of class 3,8,9 (and also some materials of class 5,6), in conditions corresponding with those of the storage site.

During the survey different scenarios were examined, including:

- Spilling of flammable materials - chance of ignition and burning. - Spilling of flammable materials - chance of explosion due to BLEVE effect. - Spilling of toxic materials - spreading of a toxic cloud.

The customer approached the Sutok Company to conduct the survey in order to receive a poison permit. The Sutok Company guided the customer following the completion of the survey with the authorities.

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