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Poisons permit for import, trade, and storage of hazardous material

In this project, the client contacted us with a request to issue a poisons permit for a chemical preparation used in the construction field. The customer was asked to present a poisons permit for the purpose of releasing a container from the port. For this purpose, we assisted the client in locating a licensed warehouse for the storage of poisons and issuing a temporary poison permit for the trade in poisons in order to release the container of hazardous materials from customs while minimizing storage costs in the port, until the regulation of the permanent poison permit, which also includes authorization to store hazardous material in the company's warehouses.

As part of a new poisons permit, technical and regulatory adjustments must be made; The technical adjustments for the storage of hazardous materials requires planning and adaptation of an existing warehouse (or the construction of a warehouse for this purpose) for the storage of the hazardous material, to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defense, the Home Front Command and the Fire and Rescue Authority.

These requirements include measures to prevent the material from leaking into the environment (appropriate storage conditions, safes), detection and identification of leaks, and protection against fires that could cause the material to disperse and harm people and the environment (ventilation, extinguishing and worker protection measures in case of damage to the hazardous material).

The regulatory requirements in the process of obtaining a poisons permit include a survey of separation distances, a factory file, obtaining approvals from the Home Front Command and the Fire and Rescue Authority and issuing a new business license for the relevant occupation of poisons (import, trade, storage, etc.).

The entire process took many months, during which we accompanied and managed the project for the client in meetings with professional parties, chased all the various relevant parties the client needed, issued permits, connected consultants, and did everything necessary to close all ends with dedication, while paying attention to the small and large details.

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