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Planning, Licensing, Establishment and Professional Guidance

Road Tank Trucks and ISO Tank Containers Washing Facility

In June 2017 the Eco Oil Plant in the Haifa bay area opened its washing facility for road tank truck and ISO tank containers. The facility was opened following a large financial investment and is permitted to wash a large variety of materials, including hazardous ones. The system is a technologically advanced, automated washing system that was manufactured in Germany and assembled and applied in the plant in a professional manner by the manufacturer. The result is a thorough, standardized washing of the containers of any material residue, so that they may be reused.

The Sutok Company was an integral part of all the project stages. 1. Sutok conducted a market survey, during which we met with various suppliers of containers and ISO tanks in Israel. 2. Sutok issued all the forms and certificates for the facility needed to comply with the authorities. 3. Sutok examined suppliers abroad. 4. Sutok was part of the establishment of the facility, coordinated between the manufacturers’ requirements and questions and the situation in the field, and accommodated the manufacturers’ and regulatory requirements. 5. Following the establishment and initial running of the facility, Sutok continued to guide the facility regarding the use of proper materials for washing, in compliance with the operational capabilities of the facility and the various regulatory requirements.

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