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Management of a chemical cleaning wastewater disposal project

We are happy to announce that another wastewater disposal project was completed on time and successfully!

The Sutok company was chosen by an international company, a leader in its field, to manage the removal and treatment of the industrial wastewater created as a result of chemical cleaning of one of the largest chemical plants in Israel.

During the project, approximately 2400 cubic meters of wastewater were evacuated and sent to different locations for different treatments. It was necessary to carry out close monitoring, control and coordination between a large number of parties involved in the process.

Choosing Sutok saved our customers a fortune because Sutok has rich experience and unique practical knowledge in waste management that allows us to connect our customers with the optimal suppliers and achieve the lowest costs in the market. The lowering of costs is due to two main factors: the first, the destination of the waste for the best treatment and the second, logistics.

For more information on waste management, click here.

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