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Environmental Impact Assessment

In this project, we were asked to perform an environmental impact assessment, for an international company’s plant.
In order to perform a comprehensive data analysis, all the environmental and safety related topics were examined.

As part of the environmental assessment, a full analysis of the plant was done, including the building, infrastructure, area topography, geology, stream and runoff regime, hydrogeology, etc.

The final report included data and reports with relevance to the various authorities, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Water Authority, building permits, etc. The plant’s conduct during routine and emergency operation was examined as well as personnel training and other factors.

A full assessment of the environmental impacts of the plant was done, including hazardous materials, poison permits, safety regulations, separation distances surveys, soil surveys, industrial wastewater and salt water treatment technologies, emissions surveys, wastewater surveys, hazardous wastes treatment and disposal, etc.

The report was done according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s requirements, and referred to all the relevant existing environmental legislation in areas such as environmental protection, water quality, air quality, waste and recycling, water and wastewater treatment, maintenance and work with hazardous materials, work safety rules, and other regulations.

The environmental impact assessment project was time limited, and that being said, the Sutok Company conducted it professionally at the highest level, with comprehensive observation, while taking into consideration all of the factors that may have an impact on the environment.

The Sutok Company specializes in environmental impact assessments and guides the customer throughout the whole process with environmental consulting, whole working alongside the various authorities and regulators.

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