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Writing a factory file for a metal coating factory

In this project, we updated the factory file of a metal coating plant, according to the latest factory file template required by the Business Licensing Law. The factory file was last updated almost 10 years ago so we had to almost rewrite it.

The factory file includes a detailed description of the factory, including the hazardous materials present in it, the assessment of the risks posed by the factory's activity, and the ways of dealing with them. While updating the factory file, different emergency scenarios were analyzed and different stages were determined for the operation of the event, including: immediate response, initial response, supplementary response and rehabilitation.

The new factory file includes an orderly factory emergency procedure that refers to all factors, including an immediate response procedure to an emergency incident, emergency teams within the factory, internal and external reporting agents, public receptors in the factory environment, instructions regarding the factory population during an incident, means of extinguishing, transportation, rescue and more .

The emergency scenarios and the factory data were analyzed in depth in this project, taking into account the factory environment, meteorological data, the conditions of the factory and the hazardous materials found in it, emergency measures and incident control, personal protective equipment and so. The collection of data for the purpose of updating the factory file was done in the most professional manner while in close contact with the factory personnel and providing environmental advice, and included, among other things, a tour of the factory premises.

The Sutok Company wrote and updated the factory file according to the requirements of the law, while providing environmental consultation at the most professional level and closing all the edges in the process.

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