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Renewing the Toxins permit

In this project, a customer contacted us for the purpose of renewing the toxins permit.

The toxins permit he possessed, type C, must be renewed once every 3 years. Due to personnel changes at the plant which included the position termination of the authorized officer, the submission of the application for the renewal of the poisons permit was delayed, and we received the request for renewal about two weeks before the old permit expired.

For the purpose of renewing the toxins permit, we visited the factory in order to gather the material and the required details, and then examined all the safety sheets for the materials purchased by the factory. After sorting and classifying the materials into hazardous and non-hazardous, we examined the procurement reports of the hazardous materials, with the aim of assessing inventory and expected Annual for each of the materials. From this data we built the table of the first supplement to the poisons permit, which contains all the details of the hazardous substances involved in the plant's activity. On the table of the first supplement to the toxins permit, the approval of the Home Front Command, Fire and Rescue and the Ministry of the Environmental Protection must be obtained.

In addition to the first supplement table, when submitting an application for the renewal of a toxins permit, documents must be uploaded to the online system according to the regulator's requirements, which must be compiled ahead of time. These documents include an affidavit of the poison permit holder, signed in the presence of a lawyer, the business diagram, a factory file, ID photographs of the permit holder and the person responsible for the poisons, and more.

In order to submit an application for the renewal of a toxins permit, the factory must possess a smart card and verify the opening of authorizations for reporting in the industry portal of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

In this project, due to the delay in submitting the application, we were in close and daily contact with the new authorized officer until all the material required for the renewal of the permit were produced, along with representing the plant in front of the officials in the Ministry of Environmental Protection office.

The renewal of the toxics permit is an opportunity to align with the current requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Home Front Command and the Israel Fire and Rescue Service.

It is within the duties of the authorized officer to submit an application for the renewal of a toxins permit as close as 3 months before the permit expires.

When the authorized officer is replaced by the plant, the plant must submit an application to update the toxins permit and obtain the approval of the supervisor for the appointment of the new authorized officer.

Along with the renewal of the toxins permit, an inspection tour is held before the permit expires. If deficiencies are found in the storage or use of hazardous materials, or if the factory does not present required documents (poison registers, emergency procedures, etc.) during the tour, the renewal of the permit is conditional upon the correction of the deficiencies before receiving the new permit.

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