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Renewal an emission permit for a power plant

In this project, we submitted in record time the request for the renewal of an emission permit for a power plant that belongs to one of the largest companies in Israel.

The client contacted us close to the expiration of the permit and the work on it was intense and focused.

This power plant is a relatively new facility and the electricity production process in it is progressing. The excess steam produced at the station is sold to other factories in the industrial area where it is located.

Although the energy production process is the only process carried out at the station, as part of the emission permit we must examine all the processes that affect the quality of the environment, they include, among other things, the runoff water from the first rain, which is collected and pumped for dedicated wastewater treatment; the amount of pollutants emitted into the air from the cooling towers and their content; the emissions into the air as a result of system activation and deactivation, the emissions from storage tanks and equipment components, and more.

In addition, as part of the emission permit, the factory must meet the requirements of the BAT - the best technique available in the market, with the assumption that the more modern the component or system, the total emissions of the factory - are reduced. If there is no compliance with the BAT, the plant must undertake to fill in the gaps by submitting a complete plan, which is also included in the application for the emission permit.

The complexity of the process of applying for an emission permit requires a physical acquaintance with the factory, therefore in the process of writing the emission permit there were meetings and a tour to get acquainted with the contacts and with the production and storage processes in the factory. Further meetings and intensive communication were held with the factory in order to meet the required schedules for submitting an emission permit. Also, similar to all regulatory projects, Sutok makes sure to represent its clients in front of the various officials in the Ministry of National Defense, and accompany the factories as needed.

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