Combustion and Heat Decomposition Products Report

In this project we were asked to calculate the decomposition products of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate as a result of heating or combustion, for the production of disinfectant tablets. 

A detergent factory was required to add this material to its poison permit, and faced delays for months until approaching the Sutok Company.

After examining all the documents and information provided by the factory, recommendations were given for performing the process in the safest way regarding separation distances and procedures.

During the risk assessment for this case, all the specific environmental conditions for this case were examined, such as the factory structure and its surroundings, the area’s meteorological conditions, other chemicals in the vicinity that could react with the material, and hazardous materials in particular.

As a part of the project, different scenarios were examined in order to describe the possibility of accidents and to recognize the measures needed to be taken in order to minimize the risk levels. In addition to this, recommendations were given for minimizing and avoiding environmental risks during emergencies and routine operations, and in order to facilitate the actions required in the event of a spill or fire.

The examination of the process and the possible scenarios was done professionally at the highest level, while taking in account environmental factors, possible extreme cases, and according to the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The addition of the material to the factory’s poison permit was accepted immediately following the submission of the report done by the Sutok Company.

The company specializes in environmental consulting and guides the customer throughout the whole process of issuing poison permits, while working alongside the relevant regulation authorities.

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