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Our Team.

We are the people behind the emails, reports and coordination. You can contact us via email for questions and consultation, we will be happy to help

Environmental consultant at Sotok. Holds a bachelor's degree in biology from the Technion, Ph.D. In Life Sciences from Tel Aviv University in the field of marine biology and microbiology research. In her past was a professional dancer


Kelly Ayache

Marketing Manager

Senior Environmental Consultant at Sutok. Environmental activist, marine biologist, and very  experienced in education, and content. In her personal time, she weaves baskets, collects and more.

Founder and CEO of Sutok Environmental Engineering, Engineer and Environmental Consultant. Graduate of the Department of Environmental Engineering (B.Sc) Certified Chemical Engineering (ME), Outstanding President of the Technion twice. Former Chief Technologist of a leading industrial wastewater treatment plant in Israel

Marketing manager at Sutok. Holds a master's degree in environmental studies from Tel Aviv University, experienced urban planning before, and alongside that, an actress and professional dancer




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