Design and construction of a water system in Nepal

in cooperation with Tevel b'Tzedek

During June 2017 the first meetings regarding the shared project with Tevel b'Tzedek have been attended. The need for a sufficient and stable water system for drinking and agriculture in Ramechhap district rose due to the recent climate changes. The monsoon seasons have been late, and when the rain does come it is very aggressive.

Today the project is in stages of engineering design and cost estimation for different options of water collection in the area. The different options are rain harvesting, cement containers, open pools for agriculture and cattle and water holes.

Any operations of Sutok with Tevel b'Tzedek is done voluntarily.

Sutok is working to use its knowledge and connections to provide 5000 residents of Ramechhap district with water to drink and grow their food.

If you want to join the project, please contact us:


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